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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Debate Among The Five Fingers

“Oh, dear brothers,” says the thumb to the other four fingers.  “I am glad that I have been chosen to be the most important and necessary among us.  Whenever something is said to be number one I am the one that is often used, don’t I?

“Pooh, you have misunderstood it, brother,” says the first finger.  “Have you ever been used to point out anything?” “Certainly, not.” I am the most used whatever to be pointed out in speaking I cannot be not is used.”

“You are both blind,” says the middle finger.  “You see, I am the tallest, the strongest and is placed in the middle between all of you to avoid your quarrel.  So, I am the most trustworthy, of course.”

The ring finger proudly speaks: “You have been talking nonsense altogether.  How can you be the most petted and liked, every one of you has to work or to do something.  But, I do nothing all the time and when the diamond ring comes, I am to use it.  Can you deny that I am superior to you all?”

The little finger mockingly says: “It has been usual that the big proud of their bigness for they supposed that the small will always respect them.”

But they forget that the people will only respect to those who are gentle and good hearted even though they are poor and humble.  You all say that every one of you is superior to one another, alright.  Let me see whether you can do any better thing without me, this poor small? Try to eat rice by you four without me, or try to beat anything with you four without me, can you do it?”

The four fingers try to take rice by themselves, but they can’t.  They try to grasp something, still they can’t.  At last, they confess that without uniting with the small finger, they cannot do anything.

So is also the people in the world, when one supposes to be more superior to the others nothing can be succeed.  When a man despises he will be despised too.  Keep in your mind this proverb: UNION IS STRENGTH.  Do you believe it?

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