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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's A Destiny

I have asked my students about the healthy life. I asked them how to change lifestyle. I gave them some cases which told many negative effects if we never managed lifestyle. They agreed with my opinion about that.

But, when I gave them a case, they felt very confused. I asked them if there is a man/woman who has much money because she/he is an office manager. She/he always goes to gym centre to take an exercise. She/he always concerned with healthy lifestyle, but finally they got heart disease. Why?

They gave me some reasons. But, finally they said, ‘It’s a destiny.” I smiled at them when I heard it. Because I think death is one of our destinies as human. We never know when we’re going to pass away. Some people sometimes judge that if we always take care of our body well, we can live longer and healthier live. Is it right?

Yes, it’s very correct. But, remember, God has His Own decision. The most important thing for us is not thinking of the time we’re going pass away. It’s better for us to prepare everything for the next life. 

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