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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kamis Inggris bareng Miss (2)

Hi! How are things?
As I said to you, I’m going to share everything about English on Thursday. And, now, I’d like to discuss about idiom. I’ll give some examples of idiom, they are:
Bird brain = stupid
Big cheese = boss
Big nose = officious
Arm and a leg = very expensive
Boys in blue = police
Eat like a bird = eat a little
Eat like a pig = eat much
Easy as pie = very easy
Go Dutch = eat together but pay our self
Duck soup = very easy
Night owl = a person who always sleep late in the night
Say uncle = he or she get a loser
Sharp as a tack = very clever or very smart
Square meal = main dish
Sticky fingers = thief or robber

Now, it’s time for you to practice. Make sentences and say it. English is easy and fun. So, let’s study and love English.

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