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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kamis Inggris Bareng Miss (8)


Good Morning!!! I am happy because I can greet you again on Thursday. I’m not going to discuss about the grammar or structure. Let’s have fun again. I have a riddle that you have to answer.
Let’s begin! J

Match the answers with the sentences.
1.        It has legs but it cannot walk.
2.        It has an eye but it cannot see.
3.        It has arms but it cannot catch anything.
4.        It has a tongue but it cannot talk.
5.        It has two hands but it cannot hold anything.
6.        When it is new it is full of holes.
7.        It has arms but it does not have legs.
8.        It likes to go in dirty places.
9.        It can sing and talk but it does not have a mouth.
10.    It has teeth but it cannot eat.

Answers: a clock, a radio, a comb, a shirt, a chair, a table, a broom, a needle,

    a net, a shoe

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