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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Learning English at Taman Bahasa

I never thought that I could meet the great people last week. Yap, it’s very interesting for me because I had a chance to talk to the them. I was very appreciate when someone who had come to my motivational class, asked me to come to Taman Bahasa.
I didn’t need much time to get the decision. I asked my husband to go to Taman Bahasa. We’re very interested in joining this program. We got many things. Yap, we got new friends, new knowledge and new atmosphere to improve our English ability.
I hope this program will be known by everyone. It’s the best way to improve our language ability without paying. Yea, it’s free, guys. Owh, I think it’s too stupid to leave this best chance.
I forget something, I hope one day, there will be the own Taman Bahasa. It means the comfortable place like the other parks in Bandung. I believe the mayor of Bandung will build it J.

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