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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Can/Could/Would you...? (Request, invitations, Permission, and Offers)

Hi! Oh, it's to late to share today. There's something trouble with the connection. But, it's okay, as I promise I'll share English subject on Thursdays. Now, let's discuss about how to make request, invitations, and permission. 

Making Request
When making a request, “can” is a stronger modal to use –in fact is almost like giving an order “could” and “would” are almost interchangeable and are not as strong as in tone.

For example:
Ø  Can you help me wash the clothes, please.
Ø  Could you lend me your new movie?
Ø  Would you just try a little harder, please?

Making an invitation
When we make an invitation, “can” is stronger and “could” and “would” are not quite as strong.

For example:
Can you make it to my rehearsal tonight?
Would you like to come to my birthday party on Tuesday?
Could you come to the restaurant opening?

When we ask or permission or ourselves or others, “can” is again a stronger modal to use “could” is a little weaker and “would” is most commonly used along with a phrase like “would it be okay if...? or “would is be alright if...?”

For example:
Ø  Can I come inside, it is raining out here.
Ø  Could John come and visit over the weekend, he really misses you.
Ø  Would it be okay if I wear my shoes inside ? My feet realy smell.

When making an offer, it is most common to use “could” or “can” when using “I” as the subject of the question. We can use “would” when we want to make “you” the subject of the sentence.

For example:
Ø  Can I get you a drink?
Ø  Could I offer you a seat?

Ø  Would you like a tuna sandwich?

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