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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kamis Inggris Bareng Miss (10)

Hi, guys!
Are you ok? Happy? Or sad?
Today, I don’t want to share about grammar or games. I just want to tell a little reason why I like English very much. Is it important? Yup…for me, it’s very important because it can remind me the first step when I chose this job J.
When my students or my friends asked me why I choose to become an English teacher, I’ll smile at them. When I was a little, I never dreamt becoming a teacher. Teacher is not my dream job. And, I hated to be a teacher. But, I really like English. And I want to be a tour guide or English translator. In my opinion, those jobs are more interesting.
But, I don’t know I can enjoy this job now. I can teach everyday. I never feel tired and bored. I always find some interesting things. It’s not only about money, but more than it. English has taught me everything. I can learn the other things when I understand English. I can meet many people, not only Indonesian people, but also the foreigners.
Thank God, because my father has taught me English when I was little. At the first I was forced, but I love it very much now. I have got many advantages by understanding English. So, there’s no reason for me to hate English and to be a teacher, of course. J

“Man proposes, God disposes.”

“Possible thing is usual, usual thing is forced or love.”

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