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Thursday, January 1, 2015

I Will Miss You

I am so sorry for everything. Actually, it’s hard for me to leave you all. But, life is a choice. I’ve to make the decision. The biggest decision in my life, I think.

I’ll always remember the moment when we met. We have passed the unforgettable moment. Studying, discussing, eating, and once more that we may not forget, telling me about everything even about love #ups…sorry :).

You have to know that I never considered you are my students. I always think that you are my partners, my sisters and brothers. I’m happy when you feel comfortable telling me everything. I have to say that knowing you is the greatest moment.

Everyone of you has the unique characteristics. One of you can make me smile when you make a joke or your spoiled characteristic (I cannot say the name… :) ). The others like tell about school, teachers, parents, family and love. Yap…most of you like telling me about love. Do you think that I’m a love consultant? :)

Now, allow me to do apologize for all my mistakes. I believe you can get a better teacher than me. And, I’m sure you can be the successful people. Remember, English is easy. Try to understand it more to help you in the future. Good luck, guys! I always love you :)

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