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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Parts of Speech


Hallo, how is it going? I hope you are fine. Don’t forget to stay home, stay safe, stay healthy. 


All right, now, I’d like to share about Parts of Speech. As we know, if we say or write something, we need Parts of Speech.


There are eight kinds of parts of speech. They are:

  1. Noun (kata benda)
  2. Pronoun (kata ganti benda)
  3. Verb (kata kerja)
  4. Adverb (kata keterangan)
  5. Adjective (kata sifat)
  6. Preposition (kata depan)
  7. Conjunction (kata penghubung)
  8. Interjection (kata seru)



Ok, those are kinds of part speech. We will explain one by one on the next post. You can watch my explanation on Intan Daswan Channel, too. You can ask or discuss more on the comment or my social media account.


Thanks for reading. Keep learning and sharing what you have known.

Think positive and do the best.

See you….


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