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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Past Simple

The pattern of Past Simple

The Past Simple is used: 

  • to express a finished action in the past. 

We met in 1987.

  • to express action which follows each other in a story.

Mary walked into the room and stopped.  She listened carefully.  She heard a noise coming from behind the curtain.  She threw the curtain open, and then she saw….

  • to express a past situation or habit.

When I was a child, we lived in a small house by the sea.  Everyday I walked for miles on the beach with my dog.



  • I bought a new car yesterday.
  • She didn’t go to the school two days ago.
  • Did he phone you last night?


The Adverbs of Time which are usually used in Past Simple Tense:

  • Last week              
  • Last month  
  • Last night              
  • Yesterday              
  • The day before yesterday  
  • A month ago
  • A few minutes ago
  • Yesterday afternoon         
  • in 1970’s                         
  • When I was a baby


The Example of Dialogue Using Past Simple

Lady             : Have you any shoes like these?

Salesman      : What size?

Lady             : Size five.

Salesman      : What color?

Lady             : Black.

Salesman      : I’m sorry.  We haven’t any. 

Lady             : But my sister bought this pair last month.

Salesman      : Did she buy them here?

Lady             : No, she bought them in the U.S.A

Salesman      : We had some shoes like those a month ago, but we haven’t any now.

Lady             : Can you get a pair for me please?

Salesman      : I’m afraid that I can’t. 

  They were in fashion last year and the year before last. 

            But they’re not in fashion this year.

            These shoes are in fashion now.

Lady             : They look very uncomfortable.

Salesman      : They are very uncomfortable. 

  But women always wear uncomfortable shoes!

(Taken from First Things First)


The Example of Text Using Past Simple


Please send me a card


Postcards always spoil my holidays.  Last summer, I went to Italy.  I visited museum and sat in public gardens.  A friendly writer taught me a few words of Italian.  Then he lent me a book.  I read a few lines, but I did not understand a word.  Every day I thought about postcards.  My holidays passed quickly, but I did not send any cards to my friends.  On the last day I made a big decision.  I got up early and bought thirty-seven cards.  I spent the whole day in my room, but I did not write a single card.

(taken from Practice and Progress)


Past Simple digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu tindakan atau aktivitas yang dilakukan di masa lampau dan ketika kita bicara sekarang, tindakan tersebut sudah selesai. 

Untuk kalimat negative kita menambahkan Auxiliary Verb (kata kerja bantu) didn't /did not sebelum kata kerjanya, dan kata kerja yang digunakan kembali ke bentuk pertama. 

Untuk kalimat pertanyaan kita menggunakan Auxiliary Verb (kata kerja bantu) Did sebelum Subject, dan kata kerja yang digunakan kembali ke bentuk pertama.

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