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Monday, July 5, 2021

Present Simple Tense



The Present Simple is one of the most common tenses in English.  It can refer to the present (now), but it can also refer to all time and regular time (permanent situation and habits)



I want a cup of tea. = now

The sun rises in the east. = all time

I play tennis on Sunday mornings. = regular time






to express an action that happen again and again, that is a habit.

I go to work by car.


to express a fact which is always true.

Rolf comes from Germany.


to express a fact which stays the same for a long time (s state).

He works in a bank.


The adverbs of time which are usually used in Present Simple are: Usually, Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Frequently, Often, Occasionally, Every day, Every week, Every year, etc.


The Example of Dialogue using the Present Simple Tense

Randy : Good morning!

Andy  : Good morning.

Randy : What are you doing now?

Andy  : I am waiting for my friend. 

Randy : Where is he?

Andy  : He is still on the way.

Randy : Is he your best friend?

Andy  : Yes, he is.  He always helps me to study English.

Randy : Does he always speak English?

Andy  : Yes, he does.  He always speaks English with me.  He comes from England.

Randy : Wow…That’s good news.

Andy  : Good news? Why?

Randy : Yes, because I want to try to speak English with native speaker.

Andy  : Oh…really? I will introduce him to you. He is a kind boy.

Randy : Thank you, Andy.  You are my best friend.

Andy  : You’re welcome. You are my best friend, too.



The Example of Text using Present Simple Tense


Breakfast or Lunch?


It was Sunday.  I never get up early on Sundays.  I sometimes stay in bed until lunch time.  Last Sunday I got up very late.  I looked out of the window.  It was dark outside.  ‘What a day!’ I thought.  ‘It’s raining again.’ Just then, the telephone rang.  It was my aunt Lucy.  ‘I’ve just arrived by train,’ she said.  ‘I’m coming to see you.’

‘But I’m still having breakfast,’ I said.

‘What are you doing?’ she asked.

‘I’m having breakfast,’ I repeated.

‘Dear me,’ she said.  ‘Do you always get up so late?  It’s one o’clock!’

 Taken from Practice and Progress

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